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Thinking and Acting regarding the social impacts of Artificial Intelligence

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) poses new ethical challenges. Not only intelligent machines do calculate better than human beings, they search, process and disseminate information. They interact with sentient beings, human or non-human. Soon, AI programs will be able to recruit employees, transport people in a driverless car or approve a loan application. Soon, the machines will even be able to keep humans company, like a parent or a friend.

AI can create new risks and exacerbate economic and social inequalities. But it can also contribute to well-being, freedom or justice.

The Montreal Declaration for Responsible Development of AI team propose a debate on this technological revolution that is about to transform our lives, in order to make recommendations for its ethical development. Scenarios developed around five major themes will serve as triggers for discussions: Labor Market, Education, Health, Justice and Smart City.

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